Welcome to FinAncialyzE

Welcome to FinAncialyzE

Customer Experience (CX) is a long marathon towards growth, not a sprint!


FinAncialyzE is a young, innovative company that designs and develops customer experience value added services (CX VAS) that make your business stand out from competitors. FinAncialyzE provides unique, customer experience value added services that combine loyalty, technology, social media, social responsibility and ease of use (LTSSE). The latter is a creative battle between finance, marketing & sales, customer service, legal, technical and big data professionals. Our concept is unique and therefore legally protected.

Our core business of Customer Experience Management from a control perspective, assures improved customer satisfaction, revenue growth, operational excellence and ultimately improved profitability.

The industries where FinAncialyzE focuses on, include telecom, media, travel, e-business, FMCG, SME, OEM and startups in the Benelux, Dutch Caribbean and Suriname.

Our controllers are each member of the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA), a global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of customer experience management practices.